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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jasper Release and Giveaway

It's finally here. Jasper is live and on e-readers all over the world. Sales are going so well that Jasper has already hit the bestseller list on All Romance E-books! Thank you for that!

I am giving away a signed copy of Jasper as well as an Amazon gift card. Click on the rafflecopter link here to enter:

Not only was Jasper released yesterday, it was also my 50th birthday. I am beyond blessed and hope the next 50 are just as stellar as the first!

Monday, February 8, 2016

A New Month and a New Book

Let me start off by saying the Super Bowl commercials sucked. Ok, the one with Christopher Walken and the beige socks was good. He's good. The Mtn Dew one with the Puppy Monkey Baby was just weird. WEIRD.

Enough about that. Happy February. It's my 2nd favorite month of the year. One, because it's the month I was born in and let me tell ya, I am really glad I was born. I could have been cut loose from the womb early, if you know what I mean, but my maternal grandparents insisted I was put up for adoption. So this year, I'm celebrating the big 5-0 and I am delighted. Two, this will be the 2nd year in a row that I've released a book on my birthday as a present to myself.

Jasper, Book 6 in The Stone Society, will be live and I cannot wait for everyone to read this story. It has adventure, suspense, but mostly love. Of all the books I've written so far, it's my favorite. Frey is still my favorite Gargoyle and always will be, but Jasper and Trevor's story is one that melted my heart. Not just the two of them together, but separately, their stories are heartbreaking.

I've started on the follow up to Deliver Me. Cade's story is tentatively titled Release Me, and it's going along really well. I hope to have it ready for release in April.

Sixx and some of the Stone Society are headed to the West Coast, so the next story there is Sixx and Desirae's, plus Sin might just sneak his story in line as number 7.

I hope the New Year is treating you well and you are filling your Kindles and Nooks with all kinds of good books.