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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Series coming soon

Meet Samuel Louis "Dex" Dexter, former Marine who has lost his memories of everything that happened before the explosion that cost him his military career. In that one instant, Dex lost everything except for his Grandmother. Now, Dex must figure out his new life from scratch. What food he likes, the music he listens to, is he a boxer or briefs man... everything we take for granted, Dex has to figure out all over again.

While he's readjusting to life as a civilian, he starts seeing things. Not things from his past, but things that no one else can see. Dex thinks his head injury caused more than amnesia. He thinks it addled his brain to the point he's seeing things that aren't really there. When one of these 'visions' won't leave him alone, he takes it seriously.

What happens next lands Dex in hot water and in jail. Somehow, he must prove his innocence.

The Ghost in the Mirror is Book 1 in the Samuel Dexter Series.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sixx - Cover Reveal and Blurb

Sixx, Book 7 in the Stone Society, will be live and in technicolor on July 7th. I am so excited for you all to read this particular book. To me, it is a turning point in the series, following the footsteps of Jasper. There are several storylines mentioned in this book, and some of you may not like that, but it was important to include them. Coming in at around 102,000 words, you get plenty of Sixx and Desirae while being introduced to a few new characters who are instrumental in the future of the Clan, both good and bad. Pre-order will be available soon, so stay tuned to Facebook for that.

And now, for the blurb:

When Michael “Sixx” Gentry lost control of the beast inside, he walked away from the best thing to happen to him in 500 years.
Twenty-four years later, someone points out that Sixx has a doppelgänger. When he hears the man’s name, Sixx realizes twenty-four years too late that the best thing to ever happen to him had been pregnant with his son when he walked away.
Sixx makes the trip across the country to face someone more terrifying than any Gargoyle he’s ever come up against – the mate he left behind. Desirae Rothchild, love of his life and mother to his son, is one feisty human. When she learns the truth of why Sixx left, will she forgive him? Hell, will she even believe him?

If Desirae were his only obstacle, Sixx might be successful in his journey. But when the Greek King is hell bent on seeking retribution, Sixx’s family is caught in the cross-fire. Sixx and Desirae must work together with the help of his Clan to save the one person who means everything to them both – their son.