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Thursday, June 14, 2018

What's Going On

It's been quite a while since I blogged. If you follow me on FB or the Zon, you know what books I've put out. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you are up to date on all things Faith. I'll do a little recap just in case you have no idea why I've been away for a while.

Being a work from home author is the best job in the world. But it also comes with the ability to kind of lose yourself when things go awry. When I worked a 9-5 job and things went south, I had to put on my big girl britches and deal with life. Working from home, I don't have that accountability. When my husband had surgery, I had to drive him to and from work every day, taking an hour out of my schedule. When my pup got sick, I had to take her to the vet a couple times a week, also taking hours out of my writing day. When she passed away unexpectedly (she was getting better), my life spiraled.

You see, she wasn't just a dog; she was my best friend. My writing partner. The one. She had been with me through the worst of times and the best of times. Now, instead of reaching out to pet her and ground myself, I'm sort of lost. I don't have her to calm the crazy. On top of that, we have found a new house to move to, so I have been packing and cleaning and purging. When do I write? Good question.

I have no idea how I managed to finish Seeker. It's actually a great book, so maybe the crazy transfered onto the pages of the book and weaved a story better than it normally would have been. But it's out there, and I hope you've given it a look. It might be in the YA category, but like all my books, it's filled with adventure and mystery.

I'm currently working on Tamian, Book 11 in the Stone Society as well as a New Series... The Hounds of Zeus. These books are about a clan of shifters, but this time around, I'm writing about Gryphons. You'll be introduced to the Hounds in Tamian.

Speaking of the Stone Society, I have put together a box set of the first 4 books and have dropped the price from $16 to $9.99.  You cannot get the box set on the big retailers. I am offering them through a my website, or you can click here: Stone Society Box Set

I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I will be back soon.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Ghost in the Water is Live

The Ghost in the Water, Samuel Dexter, Book 2 is Live. This book was a long time coming. Over a year,  in fact. The original premise came to me in a dream, and that's how Cindy was brought to life. Or death, since she's a little ghost. I knew the book would be MM, but I didn't know it would be about an interracial couple. And I didn't know I would fall so hard for these two guys. Dex and Orlando are so very real to me. Their lives, their struggles, everything about them, I feel deeply. When it came time to write book 2, they weren't ready because I wasn't ready. I was sitting down to write this sappy, easy-going story, and that's not where they were. Of course, they got through most of their struggles, but it didn't start off that way. When I was ready to listen, they were ready to talk.
Book 2 picks up where book 1 left off, and the mysteries withiin their stories were intriguing to me. I had the idea for one of the characters for months, but it took a bit of research before i was ready to write about a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as multiple personalities). I didn't want the whole focus of the book to be on that character, but I wanted to understand it enough to make her seem real. I hope I did Lindy justice.
If you like MM mysteries, I hope you'll take a chance on these books.
Amazon    Kobo    iTunes    Barnes & Noble
A M/M Mystery
A Marine who can’t remember. A detective who wants him to forget. It’ll take them both to catch a serial killer.
There’s a serial killer in Robins, Alabama, and he’s targeting women who look like the missing young woman Samuel Dexter and his PI mentor, Jillian, are searching for. As Sam trains to become a Private Investigator, he is also learning more about being a medium. During his missing persons case, two ghosts contact Sam, allowing him to put both new sets of skills to use.
In Orlando Shaw’s years as a detective in small town Robins, he’s never come up against a serial killer. Until now. The killer is smart, leaving only the most elusive clues behind. Orlando has always relied on his team, but as the killer continues to evade capture, Orlando turns to the one person who has connections beyond his reach - his lover, Sam.
Navigating the rough waters of their reunion, Sam and Orlando learn there is give and take in a relationship. The love they felt as teens is gone, replaced with a more mature love, and it will take compromise by both men to make it work.
With the help of his little ghost, Cindy, Sam embraces his new gifts as together they help solve another crime.
The Ghost in the Water is book 2 in the Samuel Dexter Series. These books are written to be read in order.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Back and Forward

Happy New Years Eve. 2017 was a wonderful year as far as my writing life goes. I have a stellar following, and for that I am grateful. Without my readers, I wouldn't be able to do what I love every day. As a writer, I live in my stories. My characters are family. Once a book has reached "the end" that doesn't mean the story, the world, the people, are forgotten. They live inside my head and in my heart. I'm sure you've read books that stay with you, and you feel like the characters are your family or friends. That's how it is for a writer.

This year, I wrote 5 books and 1 Novella. The genres were all over the place, and that's because I have so many stories to tell.  Here they are in order of release - 
  • Finding Me - Book 3 in The Music Within Series (MM)
  • Tap Dancing with the Devil - Standalone MF Suspense
  • Julian - Book 9 in The Stone Society
  • Oracle - Book 1 in The Guardians of Truth - YA Fantasy
  • Urijah - Book 10 in the Stone Society (MM)
  • Dane - Stone Society Novella

Here are the stories I have slated for 2018 - 
  • Tamian - Book 11 in the Stone Society
  • The Ghost in the Water - A Samuel Dexter Story (MM)
  • Finding Home - The Music Within Book 4 (MM)
  • Seeker - The Guardians of Truth Book 2 - YA Fantasy
  • Tap Dancing with an Angel - MF Suspense
  • Deacon - Book 12 in The Stone Society
The stories are tentative and won't be released in the order shown above. I fully intended on getting to Ghost and Finding Home in 2017, but the characters were being quiet. They are whispering to me now, but until they are shoving each other out of the way to say something, I will continue writing the voices that are speaking to me. Dane wasn't supposed to happen until after Deacon, but he was pushing and shoving, so he got his story told this year.

I apologize to everyone who is waiting on a certain story to be told, but I will not push a book out just because it should be next. Believe me, nobody puts more pressure on me to get a certain book out than I do. I have sat down and tried to force the words, but all that does is make for a crappy story and take away from the stories that are supposed to be told first. I hope you can understand.
I attended several book signings and met some of you in person for the first time, and I look forward to meeting more of you next year. I have 4 book signings slated for 2018 - 
  • Kinky in Kansas City - March 10th
  • Rocket City Author Event (Huntsville AL) July 21st
  • Naughty Nashville - October 6th
  • Rebels & Readers (Huntington WV) - November 3rd 
Here's to a wonderful 2017 and an even better 2018. I wish you all nothing but the best in the coming year.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dane is Live & The 12 Days of Giveaways Starts Tomorrow

Dane and Marley's story is a 37k word fun read. The Unholy are on the rise, 3 Greek Gargoyles have something planned for the Stone Society, and things are heating up in New Atlanta.

Dane is live here: Amazon   iBooks   Kobo  and coming soon to Barnes & Noble.

It's that time of year again when I start the 12 Days of Giveaways through my newsletter. Starting tomorrow, I will be giving away everything from socks, to jewelry, to gift cards, signed books, and a Kindle Fire. You can't win if you aren't subscribed, so click on the Newsletter link to get signed up:  Newsletter  I normaly only send out the newsletter with cover reveals and releases. This is the one time of year where you get 12 in a row. After that, it goes back to about every other month.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and thank you for being part of my year.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Halloween Treat for you MM lovers

What's better than a trick for Halloween? How about a treat? From now until the end of the month, The Ghost in the Mirror is on sale for 99 cents.

If you like MM books as well as a little suspenseful paranormal, now's the perfect time to try Ghost...

What do you do when you have no memories of your life except the one moment that took everything away?
My name is Dex and I'm a Marine. Somewhere in the horrors of the sand overseas, an explosion took out not only most of my unit but also my memories of everything that happened before that day. When my memories don’t return, the explosion also ends my career in the military. That one moment costs me everything.
Starting from scratch sucks. I don’t even know what foods I like or what types of music I listen to. Am I a boxer or briefs man? Do I like women or men? I also have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life from this point on.
While adjusting to my new life, I start seeing things -- things that no one else can see. I think that maybe my head injury caused more than amnesia. When one of my "visions" won't leave me alone, I have no choice but to believe in ghosts.
Along with the ghosts during the day, at night I dream vividly of two men. But are these two men merely dreams, or are they memories? When one man steps through the door of my hospital room, I have the answer. This man literally tries to lead me down memory lane, culminating in a searing kiss. Too bad my brain isn't cooperating, because this man is breathtaking.
With the help of my sassy grandmother, I begin to rebuild my life.
I am Samuel Dexter, and these are my stories.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Urijah Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

Uri and Banyan's story has been a long time coming... Eight hundred years in the making... Writing their tale has taken a lot out of me emotionally. This has been the hardest book to write yet. It is full of happiness, sadness, love, betrayal, and loss. It's hard to type through the tears. But with the tears comes the laughter and the joy. 

Urijah is up for pre-order for $2.99 for two weeks only. Get yours here: Urijah on Amazon

Two Alpha Gargoyles…

Urijah Aldobrand and Banyan Sorensen spend the first two hundred years of their lives together, first playing as boys, then fighting alongside each other as warriors.

Urijah is searching for a female mate, denying what is in front of him his whole life. He sets off alone, in denial, leaving his best friend behind. A couple of centuries later, life has finally given Urijah what he wants until his best friend betrays him. Devastated, Uri cuts him out of his life.

Banyan spends years silently loving his best friend while not so silently trying to convince him they are mates. When they part ways, Banyan carries on, going through the motions of living as a lone male. Two hundred years later, Banyan has found a life for himself in New Orleans. When he makes a grave mistake, he loses his mate for good.

War is finally upon the Stone Society. Fifty of the Clan travel to Greece for battle, but not all return home.
Banyan, heir to the Norse throne, is now ready to accept the crown. Not only has he kept his promises, but a lifetime of secrets as well. Urijah, at a crossroads, decides to return home, hoping to find himself. Both ending up back in Norway surrounded by family, they each must come to terms with what the fates have in store for them. Will Uri let go of his anger and forgive his old friend? Or will he once again turn his back on a future with his mate?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Oracle Release


The Guardians of Truth is now LIVE

"Andi Copeland masterfully takes you on a journey of discovery in this coming of age - young adult novel. 
Not to be missed."

Rhennan Ward is no one
special. Or so she thought. When her grandmother gives her a Tree of Life
pendant for her eighteenth birthday, she finds out how very different she
really is. 

Rhennan is next in line to be Oracle, the one chosen by the Creator to guard
the secret of Heaven – The Tree of Life. Rhen's grandmother, the current
Oracle, fails to pass along the knowledge of Rhen’s destiny, and when strange
things start happening, Rhen believes she is going crazy. Coming into her
powers before her time, Rhen sees things she shouldn’t. Her parents are keeping
secrets from her, and that only adds to the stress she feels about her sanity.

Maddox Bell is the
new guy at school. When the tall, good-looking bad-boy shows up in his
leather jacket and moto boots, all it takes is one look into his sapphire
eyes, and he makes Rhen forget about her ex-boyfriend - the one who broke
her heart. He also makes her forget to study, and with only three months left
in the school year, Rhen is torn between keeping her perfect grade point
average and spending time with the man who has his own secrets. As Maddox
and Rhen become closer, things get stranger, threatening to rip them

When Rhen makes one desperately wrong decision, her life and that of her
family, is irrevocably changed forever.  “If this was Hell, the Christians on Earth were
going to be pissed.”

Talon Silver is
the Guardian who has been watching over Rhen her entire life. He is also the
one who rescues her from the hands of a demon. He is supposed to be one of the
good guys, having Angel blood. Why, then, is Rhen hesitant to trust him?

Angels and
demons. Good versus evil. Things aren’t always black and white, and Rhen has to
figure out who she can trust.

In this twist
on good vs evil, follow Rhennan and Nikira Ward as they learn who
they really are and what that means for their future. 


"I read the ARC of Oracle. OMG I never, ever, ever would buy a book like this. But I already preordered this one. This book is freaking AMAZING!!!"
"Oracle is a must read for anyone who loves Romance, Suspense and game changers, I loved Maddox and his adorableness and how justice is always a shoulder to cry on. I love it so much and I need the series ASAP." - ARC Reviewer 


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Andi Copeland is a YA Fantasy author who
lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her
four-legged best friend. She strongly believes that love is love, and there's
not enough love in the world.

She began writing in high school and over the
years, penned many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier
than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these
night-time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.

Andi is a lover of music, mostly hard rock, and
she prefers it live and loud. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading,
riding her Harley, or playing trivia.
When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say it’s to
entertain the masses. Even if it's one person at a time. 

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