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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Talk to Me

As an author, I love interacting with my readers. When someone gets excited about a book and wants to know what's next... when someone has questions about the story line... when someone just wants to chat... all of it. Sometimes I find posts on facebook where someone has tried to engage me in conversation, but because they couldn't (or didn't) tag me, the post gets lost or buried.

The best way to contact me is through my website, using the contact page. Or send me a pm through facebook. So come on, talk to me...


  1. :) Somehow I don't think that this is directed at me! LOL Your books are so fantastic and you quite honestly cannot write the fast enough to quench my thirst for these Stone Gargoyles!! Yup! They are THAT GREAT!!

    BTW - I LOVE that SS Logo! I saw it on your Google+ page blown up to a larger size so I was able to see the detail and everything! Beautiful! :) HUGS

    1. lol, i just love you! and i'm really glad you like the logo. it will be my next tattoo!