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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gregor - Stone Society Book 2

     At just under 83,000 words, I typed "the end" on Gregor. Book 2 in the Stone Society was easier to write, as it didn't have to set up the world, the backstory, all the characters, etc. I was able to take Gregor and Tessa, and run with them.

     Now for the hard part: editing. Stay tuned for the cover.  It's going to be hot!


  1. Being the author of this book, she would like her read-ers to spread the message that The No-Way-Back Society is the world we are all living in. It is upon us whether to accept the “rules” the society dictates for us to follow and be normal or be a rebel and create a revolution as opposed to what the society is dictating for us to do.

  2. Actually, I wasn't promoting that other book, but my own. While I'm sure the one you mentioned is a good book, it has nothing to do with mine.

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