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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Titles

One of the most important things in writing a book is coming up with a good title.  In trying to be clever with my Sweet Things series, I titled the first book Double Stuffed Eclairs. The meaning was clear when I started the book. By the time I finished writing and re-writing the story, the title had lost its meaning.  When a main character shuts down your ending, adds extra characters, and has her own idea of the ending, you have to go with the flow. I should have realized then that the title wasn't going to work.  I did not.  So now, after months of lamenting over the "wrong" title, I have decided to change it.

In keeping with the hearts theme from the Candy Hearts novella, I am going with Troubled Hearts. This new title will bring about a new cover as well. This change will help with the next book in the series, tentatively titled Mending Hearts. I already have the cover picked out for it (that is if the characters allow me to continue the story as I have it planned out).  I hope the new title and cover will be out soon.  I am in love with both and I want everyone to join in my happiness.

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