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Friday, January 2, 2015

Gregor - coming February 10

I am so freaking excited about this book. I just can't tell you how much so! Rafael, book, 1 was a combination of a book I started about six years ago and the new world I wanted to create with the Gargoyles.  It has so much back story but it had to be that way.  Rafael and Kaya are a great couple and they will not fall by the wayside.  They are too important to the Stone Society, being King and Queen.

Gregor's story was so much fun to write and I knew it would be.  The love/hate relationship between him and Tessa was seamless to write. I never questioned their beginning, nor their end.  The in between for those two came instantly. The other characters' stories came in flashes, in dreams, and in the shower.  I often have epiphanies driving down the road and this happened with one of the characters.  He spoke to me and I was crying when he told me his story.  You will get a glimpse of that in Gregor.

Dante is next.  I know where his story starts and ends and I have most of the in between.  Once I did deeper, I'm sure he'll be whispering in my ear as well.

But for now, look for Gregor and Tessa's wild ride on February 10.

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